CT-1139 is a clone who currently lives in Base 501. 1139 has appeared outside of Base 501 more than any other character. He appeared in the Lego Star Wars Animated Comics, often accompanied by 1137. After his last appearance in the Lego Star Wars Animated Comics, he was ejected from the Grand Army of the Republic, but was later found and assigned to Base 501 to replace one of the many clones that were killed/left the base during the time when Jex was the commander.

Biography Edit

1139 was cloned on Kamino like every other clone. His first battle was the First Battle of Geonosis. There he witnessed Padme and another clone falling out of the gunship in front of his, and heard rumors that there was a seperatist cyborg in the catacombs that killed a Jedi and a clone squadron.

1139 went on various adventures with 1137 and the rest of their squadron. Their final adventure was searching for R2-D2, who had gone missing. The Chancellor became angry at the squad for not finding R2, Anakin and Ahsoka had found him already. He discharged them from the Grand Army of the Republic, so the four clones decided to take a beach-side vacation.

1139 was found by Yoda, and knowing about the shortage of clones at Base 501, Yoda sent 1139 to become a member of Base 501. 1139's first battle at the base was when Asajj Ventress attacked the Base with a small army of droids. The clones overcame the army, and Ventress evacuated along with the remains of her army. Ever since his arrival, 1139 has studied the history of Base 501, and even made a video about it telling the viewers about the Base. His video had many flaws, and was not accurate to Base 501 history. 1139 learned this when he traveled back in time to save the Old Mechanic with RedJeans, Snowy, and the new recruit, BoneCrusher.

Appearances Edit

Base 501 (YouTube series): Edit

  • The Invasion
  • The History of Base 501
  • 4th of July at Base 501
  • Santa's Visit
  • Greenie's Broken Leg
  • Dalek in Base 501
  • Christmas Invasion
  • Base 501: The Vortex (Part 1: Time Travel)
  • Base 501: The Vortex (Part 2: The End of the Beginning)

Base 501 Adventures Edit

  • 1139's Adventure

Outside of Base 501 Edit

Lego Star Wars Animated Comics Edit

  • Always count your clones before you take off
  • A droid in the hand is worth two in the asteroid belt
  • Do Clones dream of Electric Mynocks?
  • A clone trooper always obeys orders
  • A clone by any other name
  • Clones are famous all across the galaxy