Commander Y (also known as The Commander or CC-501) is the current commander of Base 501. His Sergeant is Sarge, who came to the Base with Y when he was first assigned to Base 501.

Biography Edit

Y was cloned on Kamino along with many other clones. He was raised and trained on Kamino until he was ten (twenty in clone years, due to double the speed of aging). When he completed his training, he and many other clones were assigned to different locations in the galaxy. Y was assigned to be a senate guard on Coruscant with Sarge, but a few months later he was transferred to a new Base for defective clones known as Base 501 started by Commander X and Sergeant Jacks. Jacks had died shortly after the Base was constructed, but a clone named Blue took Jacks' place. Commander X and Sergeant Blue were the leaders of Base 501 when Y and Sarge arrived at the Base.

In The End of the Beginning (The Vortex Part 2), the Commander arrives as a new recruit to the Base (with Sarge) and meets future clones of Base 501, 1139, RedJeans, Snowy, and BoneCrusher. He does not know them yet, and believes that the future Snowy was a clone named Freezer, because that is what RedJeans called him to keep past Snowy and the past Base 501 from knowing that they had time traveled there.

At one point, a clone named Jex became an additional Sergeant to the Base when Sergeant Blue had an accident. Sergeant Jex killed Sergeant Blue and Commander X, and became Commander Jex. With the help of Sarge, who was Jex's sergeant, Y assassinated Jex. Y was given the title of commander by Sarge, because Sarge did not want a huge leadership role in the Base. Commander Y has been commander of Base 501 the longest and is the current commander. Commander Y has overseen many changes to the Base such as the redecorating of the walls, the Time Traveling project, and many new recruits.

Appearances Edit

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Base 501 (YouTube Series) Edit

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Base 501: Adventures Edit

  • Y meets Jex

Outside of Base 501 Edit

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