Sergeant Sarge (also known as the Sergeant) is the current Sergeant of Base 501, and has served under two Commanders. His first commander was known as Commander Jex, who was succeeded by Commander Y, the next commander Sarge served under. Sarge first came to the base with Y.

Biography Edit

Sarge was cloned on Kamino, just like every other clone. He is a clone of Jango Fett. By the time he was ten (twenty in clone years due to aging twice as fast), he was assigned to be a senate guard with Y. Later, he was transferred to Base 501 with Y, which was created by Commander X and the late Sergeant Jacks. Sergeant Blue was the sergeant when Sarge and Y came to the Base.

Shortly after, Blue and X were killed by the second sergeant Jex. Jex became Commander and Sarge became the Sergeant by popular vote. Later, Sarge helped Y assassinate Jex for his cruelty and crimes. Sarge chose not to be commander, he did not want such a high rank, and let Y become commander instead.

One Christmas, Sarge received New Armor from Santa, and now wears that. The Homeless Clone was given Sarge's old armor and now is known as the gunner clone. Since then, he has given clones new armor if it was damaged or dirty.

Appearances Edit

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Base 501 (YouTube series) Edit

  • Santa's Visit
  • The New Paint
  • Greenie's Broken Leg
  • Christmas Invasion
  • Orange and White's New Armor
  • The Vortex (Part 1: Time Travel)
  • The Vortex (Part 2: The End of the Beginning)

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